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8:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Mar 10 2023


Hawaiian Brians | HB Social Club
1680 Kapiolani Blvd 2nd floor, Honolulu, HI 96814

Let’s not beat around the bush here, Yolanda Be Cool is a household name. You may not knowwhat they look like (hot dudes alert), and you may not even know their names (Andy and Matt),but you will most certainly know their music. In fact, your grandma and nephew probably do

They didn’t mean to write a worldwide number one/iconic anthem way back in 2010 when they
produced “We No Speak Americano” with their brother DCUP… they just wanted to make a funparty track that their DJ peers would play. But the song ultimately fast tracked a road to the topfor Yolanda Be Cool, a road the pair was uncomfortable with at times (after all, they are housemusic DJs and producers who love DC10 more than any “bottle” club, a Villalobos way morethan a commercial superstar).

But here they are, now veterans of the game but also endlesslyimproving their game, which their more recent release schedule would lay testimony to – with a
roll call of the world’s hottest labels like Solardo’s “Sola”, Lee Foss’ “Repopulate Mars”, Mele’s“Club Bad”, and their very own “Club Sweat”, all the while maintaining their knack for making”accidental” hits for their more mainstream label Sweat It Out.

Not to mention their curatorialhand in signing artists to their label, such as Purple Disco Machine, RÜFÜS DÜ SOL, DomDolla, and Torren Foot.They are as proud of their platinum records and ARIA awards as they are of their Beatportnumber ones. They spend long hours in the studio, but perhaps their greater skills lie behindthe decks from where they have been lucky enough to see the world many times. Be it a partyin Morocco put on by the king for 90,000 of his subjects, or an underground afters club inAmsterdam, the guys feel equally at home on the main stage at festivals as they do in the smallsweaty basements of clubs. They pride themselves on their ability to walk the line betweencool and crossover, underground and overground, not too serious but never silly. “Fun withthought” is how they like to think of their sound, leaning on their vast sample knowledge andknack for twisting the unusual out of the unexpected and into something special for all to enjoy.

And the coolest thing about them…. they still f**king love it! As their boy Diddy once said,’can’t stop, won’t stop.

Buy tickets here: https://hbsocialclub.com/event/vibe-lab-presents-yolanda-be-cool/



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