Slack Key Lounge ~ Clinton Fearon w/ Tavana

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6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Feb 10 2023


Hawaiian Brians | HB Social Club
1680 Kapiolani Blvd 2nd floor, Honolulu, HI 96814

Clinton Fearon is a composer, songwriter, singer and player of instruments since his early teens.
Born in Jamaica, Clinton became the bassist, vocalist and lyricist of the mythic Gladiators at the age of 19. He spent
18 years with the band and signed several songs for The Gladiators, hits and classics like Chatty Chatty Mouth,
Richman Poorman, On The Other Side, Can You Imagine How I Feel, Let Jah Be Praised, One Love, Untrue Girl, and

Clinton Fearon was also a session musician for different studio in Jamaica, including with producers Coxsone Dodd at
Studio One and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s at Black Ark, but also at Chanel One, Aquarius, Harry J, Randy’s, etc. In these
studios, Clinton Fearon composed some everlasting bass lines for well-known artists like Yabby You, Jimmy Riley,
Max Romeo, Junior Byles and many others.

After leaving Jamaica in 1987, Clinton Fearon started a new career in Seattle. Him and some of the musicians of The
Gladiators took advantage of the extra time remaining on their visa, at the end of the US tour, to started a band in
the Northwest: The Defenders. The band built a nice following in the area until they split after five years. And finally
Clinton Fearon formed his own band in the mid 90s with local musicians in Seattle: Clinton Fearon and Boogie Brown
Band. Since 2019, Clinton Fearon also teamed up with The Riddim Source for his live performances in Europe and for
his last album recorded, “Breaking News” released June 3 rd 2022.

Clinton Fearon recorded thirteen albums under his own name since then and he is touring the world with this
impressive repertoire, accompanied by a band or in solo acoustic. He performed in major festivals in each
continents, and regularly in the United States (Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, Reggae On The River, National
Folk Festival, Festival International de Louisiane, Houston International Festival, Salmonstock, Ithaca Reggae Festival,
etc.), Canada (Latin Caribbean Festival, Victoria Ska Reggae Festival, World Beat Festival, etc.), Europe (WOMAD,
Rototom Sunsplash, Garance Reggae Festival, Printemps de Bourges, Stimmen festival, Celtic Connectionetc.), Brazil
(Virada Cultural, Republica Do Reggae, World Music Festival, Feira de Santana, etc.), Africa (Kenya and Ivory Coast),
and more countries occasionally (Peru, Honduras, New Caledonia, Hong Kong, etc.).

You can also hear Clinton Fearon singing his songs in collaboration with other artists such as Alpha Blondy (“Together
Again”, 2019), The Movement (“Mountain”, 2020), Manjul (“Long Time No See, 2021), Mike Love (“Medicine Man”,
2022) and more.

Each song of Clinton Fearon is a strong message coming from the heart of a man who is dedicating his life to help a
better world to come. With chiselled music and poetic lyrics, he opens reggae to a wider audience who simply loves
his beautiful songs.

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